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Meet Susan

Born and raised in a family immersed in real estate construction and sales, Susan Brown has successfully tailored her knowledge and services to accomplish the goals of her clients in numerous regions across the country since 1988. Utilizing her extensive skills, Susan facilitates the buying, selling, and rental of homes, handling everything from new construction and staging to remodeling and long-term rentals. At just 18 years old, Susan became the youngest person to receive an Indiana real estate license, solidifying her course as a successful realtor while continuing to procure notable rewards and significant recognition throughout her ongoing illustrious career; including making the list of America’s top 1.5% of real estate professionals in 2020, along with Top 500, Hall of Fame, Top 100, Platinum Club, National Hall of Fame, and Listing and Sales Agent of the Year awards, affirming Susan's one-a-kind reputation in the industry.

Desiring to escape Indiana's frigid winter months, Susan had shifted her client base and relocated to South Padre Island, Texas, early-on in 2001. After a brief semi-retired period, Susan jumped back into action in 2004, working with a new golf course development. Missing her full-time real estate career, Susan secured her Texas Realtor License in 2006 and quickly earned the title as the area's top-performing agent.

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While 2020 initiated global changes and challenged the real estate industry to adapt, Susan took this opportunity to innovate and evolve her business procedures, incorporating virtual tours, face-to-face video conferencing, e-signatures for listing or purchasing forms, mail-in closing documents, and more. This transformation made transactions convenient for clients and allowed Susan to expand her services beyond Texas to include Florida as well. With coastal living, warm year-round weather, and interests spanning quaint resort islands and the bustling east coast, Susan enjoys the best of both worlds.


Through her commitment to continuing education, Susan stays abreast of legal and technological changes in the real estate industry, ensuring that she remains poised to expertly serve her clients in either jurisdiction, flying wherever needed.


With all of that said, perhaps it goes without saying that Susan's outstanding organizational skills, relentless work ethic and unwavering commitment to providing the best service to her clients is just a small part of what makes her such a special person to not only get to know in both the local and greater real estate community, but to also have your back in any real estate transaction. So if you ever find yourself contemplating selling or buying, you can rest assured that you’re not only Hiring the Agent that Hustles!,  but moreover one that sets the bar high for a standard of service that is second to none. A standard that puts Susan Brown in a league of her own as your number one go-to agent for all things real estate!

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